Finally a real-time Online / Live auction software
INetAuction brings Internet Bidders to your traditional live auctions.
Auctioneer and bidders interact in TRUE real-time.
Requires no software installation on the auctioneer/bidder computer.

Since April 1998, the INetAuction software has been used in more than 2,100 events
around the world.

Argentina, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, USA

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"I think I have found one of the best competitive auction package available and believe me when I say I have looked all around the world!"

-John-Paul Babbington, Internet strategist

Finally a proven live on-line Internet auction software that conducts cyber auctions just like you are sitting in the auction house has come to market. The INetAuction method is real online bidding conducted by a real auctioneer and real bidders. Imagine that you want to have an online auction... You shot the digital pictures... You load the pictures and description... and your catalog is produced by the software instantly. By the simple click of the mouse the auctioneer sells and the buyers buy in split seconds. This can be done during a live gallery auction or you can just have an online auction with your doors closed. Business to business, one item or 1,000 items can be sold with the click of the mouse. One auctioneer that has used the software for the past 6 months and has sold over $350,000 worth of art says "auctioneering will never be the same after you use INetAuction. You have the world at your finger tips, and you are in control." Real-time live auctions are here, don't be left out in the cold. Get on this bandwagon and roll.