The Auctioneer Applet 


After login you'll enter the auction wherever it was left the last time. You may experience it from the current state or click on the "Settings/Misc" tab (at the top of the right panel), then click on the "Reset Auction" button. 

As the auctioneer you decide when a lot is SOLD, PASSed or REMOVED or if it should remain in the selling ring in order to get more bids. If there are no participants, you won’t get any bids. You may bid by clicking on one of the "Bid" buttons in the middle of the "Selling Ring". See the "Bid" button under "OnSite" or the "Bid" button to the right of the "Bid on behalf of" list. 

The figure below shows a reduced view of the whole Auctioneer Applet.

The Selling Ring panel (above left) displays the current lot being auctioned, the right panel contains 5 tabs: Lots, Groups, Participants, All Users, and Settings/Misc. Each one displays specific information.

Learn more on:
Selling Ring Lots - Groups - Participants  - All Users  - Settings/Misc