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The Bidder Applet

The Bidder Applet allows the end users to place bids in real-time before and during the auction.

The figure below shows a reduced view of the whole Bidder Applet. 


The left panel shows the current lot being auctioned while the right panel displays information about all lots (in chunks of 5). What follows describes these two panels in more details. 

The left panel displays the current lot being auctioned.
Lot #: the current lot number being auctioned.
The title: short description for the lot.
High Bid: the message "No offers yet" is displayed if no bids were made. Otherwise the Highest bid amount is displayed followed by the login name of the bidder.
Asking: the minimum amount the auctioneer is allowed to accept. You cannot bid less than the asking amount.
Increment: the incremental value. In the figure, the highest bidder is You (viva), your bid is $3200 and the incremental value is $100. For someone else to win that lot, he or she must enter at least $3300, which is $100 more than $3200.
When you lead on the current lot, the "You Lead" message is displayed. If you were not leading you would see the  button instead. Clicking that button sends the Asking bid to the auctioneer. 


The right panel shows 
lots in chunks of 5 
Your user name is displayed in the upper right corner ("viva" in this example). 
Lot #: a reference number for an article.
Title: short description for the lot.
High Bidder: leading or Winning bidder's login name. It is blank if there are no offers yet.
Asking is the minimum bid the auctioneer will accept.  
Inc. is the incremental amount. As an example, consider lot 13. The highest bidder is albert, his bid is $1600 and the incremental amount is $100, for you to win the lot you must enter at least $1700, which is $100 more than $1600. Therefore you could bid $1700, $1800, $1900 etc... 
Your Bid: this column displays the words PASS, SOLD or REMOVED or an input box. PASS is for a lot that did not receive any offer equal or higher than the asking price. REMOVED is for a lot that the auctioneer removed from the auction. If a lot has not been sold, passed or removed, an input box is available, you can enter your offer there then press the Enter key. This is useful if you want to bid in advance or if you want to bid more than the current asking bid. 
Click thebeside a lot# to get more details about that lot.
The indicates the current lot being auctioned.
If you are the Leader or the Winner for a particular lot, a  is displayed below the lot#. 
Goto lot number: specify a lot number and press the Enter key, if the lot exists it will be made visible.
Synchronize display with Auctioneer. When this is checked, the current lot being auctioned will always be made visible in the list. Clicking one of the navigation buttons (e.g. Home) or clicking in a bid input box will automatically uncheck this checkbox.
participant(s): number of logged in users.
The message "The Auctioneer is not present" is displayed if the Auctioneer is not currently logged in, otherwise the message says "The Auctioneer is present".
Bids report: clicking  will open a window displaying a report of the bids you made, if any.
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